The War against White Males
9 min readJun 26, 2019

Shame and the Transformation of White Supremacy to White Guilt

Illustration by Benjamin Buckley

Shaming your opponent has become the primary tactic of politics in America. It is used across the political spectrum and in relation to every issue. The goal of political contests is to demonstrate why your opponent’s policies or actions are morally corrupt, unpatriotic, or otherwise unethical. It is no longer just enough to show the voters that you are a better candidate, you must demonstrate why your opponent should be ashamed of their opinions and positions. Since your opponent is doing the same thing it becomes a zero-sum contest for the conscience of America. The more you convince voters your opponent should be ashamed of themselves the more righteous you become. And of course, whoever wins the election can claim vindication for their beliefs and their supporters.

Across the battles that make up today’s political landscape it seems it is the Left that holds the moral high ground. The environment, race, immigration, gun control, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and most importantly support for the President himself; these have all become areas where conservatives are supposed to feel like bad people. From “caging little children at the border” to blind support for a corrupt and immoral president, liberals are mounting increasing pressure with the common message being, “you should be ashamed of yourselves.” And because of the generally Left-leaning nature of most national media outlets this is a message that has been on a 24-hour loop for the last two and half years.

Illustration by Heidi Younger

The broadest and most sustained shame offensive has been against white men. The assault on ‘The Good Ol’ Boys Network’ is a collective effort by several groups across the political left to attack those they see as most responsible for America’s problems. Whether it’s because of racism, religious conservatism, chauvinism, or just basic obstinance, white conservative men in America have become ‘Public Enemy #1’ for just about every minority group or special interest with a grievance. For many Americans addressing any one of the issues above must begin with white men accepting ‘White Guilt’ for having caused or taken advantage of the…